Our President and Founder has had a very successful history of finding the best in people and companies and championing both to achieve greater success through productivity and process improvements.


After turning around numerous operations and corporations in Europe, he was ready for a new challenge.



"When passion for what you do and opportunity come together at the right time, great things can happen."


Taking his passion and expertise in workplace improvements -- with an emphasis in making the workplace better and safer for employees in the field and workers in the plants -- our President had an idea...



... A very good idea




With his contacts throughout Europe, he had unique access to superior designed, engineered and crafted products.


Products that are not just market leaders in sales -- but more importantly -- because they are products that are revolutionary in design, purpose and made with unparalleled quality.


Taking an idea and running with it ...

International Precision Products was born


Partnering with these well-respected manufacturers in Germany and Italy, IPP is offering these innovative products -- FOR THE FIRST TIME -- to those working in the United States, Canada, South America and Mexico.


IPP's Mission:

For companies and workers located in the

United States, Canada, South America and Mexico

to finally have access to products that

previously have only been available internationally


A few of the products we are so excited to be offering:


Glovetape: the original, revolutionary glove tightener. Made in Germany and used by hundreds of thousands of workers daily.


Panther & Aboutblu Brands: stylish safety work boots and footwear. For over 30 years, proudly made in Italy with more than 100,000,000 pairs sold.


Nitrile, PU and PVC Boots: European crafted pull on waterproof boots that utilize the best polymer materials. These are the "go to" boots that will stand up to the elements and chemicals found in tough workplace environments.


Stahlnetz: precision engineered, 100% German made steel mesh gloves and work aprons. Now offering the new, next generation Raptor and Falcon steel mesh gloves.


Who we are and where we're going next ...


IPP is based in Corpus Christi, Texas. We are proud Texans and Americans. So with that mindset, it is only natural for one of our next steps is to begin manufacturing some of our revolutionary and proprietary products in the USA.

 At IPP, we are committed to continually creating, improving and providing precision engineered products that ...


1) Focus on increasing productivity, efficiencies and yields in the workplace.


2) Offering superior products that concentrate on greater worker safety, ergonomics improvements and comfort.


3) Strive to offer products that are not available anywhere else -- or a product that is greatly superior to any other competitor product -- all while keeping our prices to customers reasonable.


Try one IPP product


We are confident that if you try us once, you, too, will be just as excited about IPP Products.