For over 30 years, Panther and Aboutblu Footwear—proudly made in Italy—have been providing safety boots and stylish footwear that excel in design, quality, reliability and unbeatable comfort.


The Panther and Aboutblu brands have been leaders in their industry segments with over 100,000,000 pairs sold throughout Europe and Asia.


For the first time ever, the Panther and Aboutblu brand is now available to hardworking men and women in the United States, Canada, Mexico and South America.


IPP is proud to be the first to offer these amazing work boots and shoes to everyone in North and South America.


A sample of the construction details that go into each one of Panther and Aboutblu’s safety footwear:



1. Padded collar for a more comfortable walking experience.

2. Anti-wear, breathable lining

3. Breathable, waterproof fabric inserts

4. Pleated padded tongue; no infiltration from solid materials

5. Single yarned stitching; much stronger than triple yarn

6. Rustproof metal free / metallic accessories

7. Anti-wear, breathable, padded toe lining

8. Powercap (multilayers of fiberglass and rubber composite) or steel toe cap

9. Anti-wear scuff cap

10. Composite or steel midsole

11. Compact polyurethane or rubber outsole (resistant up to 300° Celsius / 570° degrees Fahrenheit)

12. Expanded polyurethane midsole with shock absorption in the heel area

13. Compo shank (gives sole greater stability and a correct flex point to the outsole)

14. Anti-static, antibacterial, anatomic, moisture wicking, removable insole (with shock absorber)

15. Heel counter for better stability

16. S.S.D. (cotton fabric with silver threads to achieve better anti-static performance)