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GLOVETAPE - Glove Tighteners

Made in Germany

Original version in blue and white

Detectable version

GLOVETAPE can be used with metal mesh, Kevlar, cloth and other industrial safety gloves.



Secure over your work glove to tighten up poor fitting gloves.



  • Proven to reduce or eliminate the sagging glove at the fingertips.
  • A formfitting glove is a safer glove -- especially when working with knives.
  • A formfitting glove's fingertips are less likely to get sliced -- and cutting into a steel mesh glove dulls knives excessively.
  • A proper fitting glove allows workers to work faster, more consistently and more precisely.
  • Provides subtle, yet highly effective support, allowing workers to work longer with less fatigue.
  • Increased safety and enhanced productivity saves companies money. Serious money.




GLOVETAPE's proprietary material is engineered to work hard -- a polyurethane composite that is tear-proof, water and oil repellent, extremely elastic (and reusable), hygienic and food safe.


GLOVETAPE has all mandatory industry certificates approved according to European Union law.




Hundreds of thousands of workers around the world use GLOVETAPE daily.

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